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Karen Kingsbury’s Life-Changing Fiction

            Once in a while you run across a truly-gifted story teller. Such is Karen Kingsbury. She adeptly incorporates real-life themes in the lives of her very-plausible characters, any of which could be lived out in the U.S. today. You come away from her books feeling like you really know these people, and ruminating over the way the Christians in each story respond to life’s trials. Occasional prayers of individual characters are included in a very realistic, credible way, as well as God’s answers to prayer. These skillfully-written stories demonstrate for the reader what a walk with God looks like. Any of these minidramas could be played out in actuality in life in America today. The author proficiently handles very true-to-life issues and challenges, such as:

    → the loss of a beloved spouse and matriarch
    → abortion
    → the power of a life, even short-lived
    → death and other types of loss
    → the trauma of dealing with a rare physical condition
    → stresses of living with paparazzi scrutiny
    → turning to God when life is falling apart
    → a rebellious teenager’s quest for adventure
    → divorce and remarriage
    → spats between siblings
    → betrayal
    → marital problems
    → a child born out of wedlock
    → adoption
    → teen drinking
    → the sobering reality of loved ones being killed by a drunk driver
    → war
    → how to deal with out-of-control children
    → the need for forgiveness
    → grace extended 
    → and so much more

            She is one of those authors whose inspired, captivating stories makes you want to read everything she writes. By the end of a book, you feel like you know the characters personally, so believable is her anointed character development. How they handle life’s struggles and joys is food for the spirit. It’s no wonder these books have been called, “life-changing fiction.” That is not just a cliche. God can (and does) use these works to draw people to Himself. Recommended for enjoyable reading with substance.

            “I am not typically a big reader of fiction, but after reading ‘Fame’–the 1st in the First-Born Series and a gift from my sister–I had to buy and read the rest of that series, then the “Sunrise Series” which followed, as I was so intrigued by the characters I’d come to know and love and the parallels to people and situation s in my own life. Karen has an anointing for this type of writing–they are stories with a message that stays with you!

–Jeani McKeever

  The Firstborn Series (5 books)
Fame, Forgiven, Found, Family, Forever
  SPECIAL - all 5 books for $67.00 plus S&H
(May be purchased individually at $13.99 each)
  The Redemption Series (5 books)
Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice, Reunion
  SPECIAL - all 5 books for $61.75 plus S&H
(May be purchased individually at $12.99 each)
  The Sunrise Series (4 books)
Sunrise, Summer, Someday, Sunset
  SPECIAL - all 4 books for $53.00 plus S&H
(May be purchased individually at $13.99 each)